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Fujian Fuqiang Delicate Circuit Plate Co.,Ltd. is the largest 򲩹manbetx company in the Fujian Province.Fuqiang is a subsidiary of Fujian Electronics Information (Group) Co., Ltd .A joint venture company established in March 1996,Fuqiang currently has over 342 employees and occupies 3500square meters of manufacturing facilities.
In order to fill the VOID of Multi-layers 򲩹manbetx in Fujian Province,the Fuqiang management team has from the outset committed to be a state of the art High Technology Printed Circuit Board manufacturer.To this end ONLY STATE OF THE ART EQUIPMENT from USA,Germany ,Italy,UK,Belgium,Japan has beencommissioned to ensure Quality levels to Worldwide standards is maintained. Fuqiang has expanded facilities on two occasions and currently have a capacity of 40,000square meters of Double and Multi-layer 򲩹manbetx per month output .
Current finish capabilities include HAL, Pb-free, process, Hard Gold Plating, Immersion Gold Plating, Flash Gold Plating ,Immersion Tin/Silver Plating and OSP.Current product types include High Frequency Boards ,Blind and buried Vias as well as Impedance controlled printed circuit boards. Fuqiang has established customers of NEC, AOC, FHILIPS ,DAXIAN ,MOTOROLA ,TELE-EUROCOM, TOYOTA, MICROTED etc.Base in the Automotive, Military, Industrial, Medical, telecommunications, Computer, and Consumer markets .A strong commitment to research and development is a key ingredient to remaining at the forefront of the 򲩹manbetx industry and Fuqiang currently implemented technologies such as Thick Copper, Aluminum Base and Ultra Thin 򲩹manbetx to name a few and is capable of 򲩹manbetx supplying as well.Our belief is that without investing for the future there will be on future.
Fuqiang has passed  certification of the UL, ISO14001,OHSAS18001 , ISO9001 and ISO/TS16949:2009, etc..

ADD:Fuqiang Industrial ParkQinghua Road,Rong qiao Economic Development Zone,Fuqing ,Fujian,China,350301