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With over 20 years experience Fuqiang has established a very hard working team to fill the void for high quality Multi-layer Printed Circuit Boards in the Fujian province of china. In the 21st Century Fuqiang will continue to lead as a state of the art 򲩹manbetx manufactuer .
Chinas success in joining the WTO has made it a global manufacturing centre. As a result The Printed Circuit Board industry has also enjoyed an increase in demand. This increase offers a good opportunity to Fuqiang. Our policy which HAS ALWAYS been focused on Quality, Customers Service, Continual improvement Programs and Competitive Pricing can only enhance Fuqiangs ability to expand its customer base worldwide.
Fuqiang having already obtained ISO9001 as well as ISO/TS16949 ISO14001 and OHSAS18001 accreditation will continue to invest not only in equipment but also in staff and management training to ensure we remain at the forefront of technology in the Printed Circuit Board industry.
This strategy is essential in one of the words most rapidly changing sectors. One cannot rely on the knowledge previously obtained. Continual upgrading and training of ALL staff is vital to maintaining the edge. Our staffs are our greatest assets and with this in mind the spirit of haring our success flows from the top management all the way through the organization. The end result is a WIN-WIN Situation for Customer and Fuqiang.

ADD:Fuqiang Industrial ParkQinghua Road,Rong qiao Economic Development Zone,Fuqing ,Fujian,China,350301